1. Mailing address for cards, care packages, and fundraiser payments by check or money order is Team Ryder, 1601 Castle Creek Drive Little Elm, Tx 75068

2. All fundraiser proceeds go directly to Ryder's family to pay for his liver transplant, care/needs, living expenses, and unforeseen expenses present and future. He does have insurance but it does not cover everything. Also some of the donation money will be sent for metabolic disorder researches and to assist other propionic acidemia children, and familes.

3. Some of Ryders supporters are concerned about the possibility of fraudulent fundraisers or pages. If a fundraiser is seen on any other pages besides this one, it is NOT valid. This is his ONLY page.

4. Negative comments on either page will be deleted as this is not the platform for such. Ryder is an inspiration, pure, innocent, and a miraculous boy. If you do not want to follow his journey kindly unlike his page. If our supporters see any negativity please message us and do not respond to it. We are stronger people than to be affected by it.

5. If you have any general questions, or about our donations/fundraisers please feel free to message us at teamryderhudson@hotmail.com. As our Facebook messages are sometimes in the hundreds and your message may be buried deep in the list. We would like to answer your questions/concerns as quickly as we can.

6. At this time we have "Team Ryder" wristbands, and t-shirts available upon donation.